TNA® Fastening System For Temporary Bolting

The Honolulu Rail project is a unique and complex bolting application;  Perfect for our F3148 TNA Fastening System.  The project is a complex concrete segmented bridge, housing the new elevated lightrail system, running out in 3 spans throughout the Honolulu Metro area.  The contractor was looking for a safe and efficient solution to mob and [...]

TNA® Fastening System For Temporary Bolting2017-03-13T00:38:31-05:00

TNA® Fastening System For High-Strength Galvanized Application

Open Access Technology International, Inc. (OATI) South Campus Building incorporates a unique “Microgrid” on the roof of the structure, housing the solar panels and wind turbines to power the 110,000 sq ft facility.  The Microgrid structure is exposed galvanized steel that required a coated bolt with A490 equivalent tension.  The fabricator chose LeJeune’s F3148 TNA® [...]

TNA® Fastening System For High-Strength Galvanized Application2018-02-15T10:14:14-05:00

First TNA® Project Nearly Complete

After nearly 4 years of research and development, the first TnA® project got under way this summer. This 120,000 square foot manufacturing plant uses 3/4" TnA® Fasteners for all the bolted connections. Through the completion of the plant and office structures, the contractor and erection team have been praising the efficiency, accuracy, and ease of use of [...]

First TNA® Project Nearly Complete2017-03-13T00:45:51-05:00