Project Description

Unytite Manufacturing Plant – LaSalle, Illinois

Unytite, Inc is not only our manufacturing partner for our TNA Bolt Assemblies, they’re a user.  Through the research and development stage Unytite was an integral part of the design development.  So when the system was ready they wanted to be the first to put it into use.  Blue Scope Buildings and Phalen Steel agreed to used our Torque and Angle Fastening System for all of the bolting on the new plant.  The metal building connections were designed for snug tight only but the crane rail bolts needed pretension.  The TNA Fastening System is perfect for this scenario providing a consistent, quantifiable snug condition for those joints that call out for that and accurate pretension for the crane rail bolts.  The result was an incredibly efficient bolt up with no hint of bolting problems in the field. Consider ASTM F3148 TNA Bolts when designing for snug tight.

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