Project Description

Umauma Stream Bridge – Hilo, Hawaii

The structural engineer for the project originally specified mechanically galvanized F1852 tc bolts at the erectors request.  But he was concerned with the nut lubricant on tc bolts effecting the final paint system when topcoating.  When a bridge requires a topcoat the substrates of the painted surfaces must be free of all contamination to ensure proper paint adhesion.  LeJeune developed our Clean-Lube Nut which is lubricated only on the internal threads and bearing surface to ensure the outer painted surface is contamination free.  This nut is not available on a tension control bolt but is a standard for ASTM F3148 TNA bolts.  The user simply needs to specify the S3 nut lubricant option and the bolt assemblies can be ordered with a contamination free outer surface.

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