Project Description

Parry Bridge Rehabilitation – Chatham, Ontario Canada

As the first bridge to cross into Chatham, the Parry Bridge is one of the busiest in the Chatham-Kent area of Ontario.  And because of the traffic volume and age the Parry Bridge was recently rebuilt.  Rather than replace the historic structure the decision was made to rebuild it to keep the aesthetics character.  The contractor was charged with removing old riveted connections from the 1950’s era structure and replacing steel members and bolts to ensure it’s structural integrity.  The problem was the bolt heads needed to match, as much as possible, the original rivet heads that would be left in the bridge.  So a hex head application was out.  TC Bolts offer a round head but the governing bodies of Canada do not allow the use of Tension Control Bolts in their structures.

That’s when the contractor turned to LeJeune Bolt for our ASTM F3148 TNA Fastening System.  The TNA bolts have a round head design that mimics the rivet head perfectly.  And the 144ksi tensile strength was sufficient to allow for it’s use as a replacement to A490 Strength bolts originally spec’d in.  Finally, the Torque and Angle Installation Method was deemed acceptable because the owner agreed that using angle for pretension after a reliable snug step was the surest way to achieve proper tension.

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