Project Description

Lock and Dam 17 – New Boston, Illinois

The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers was looking for a better way to perform lock and dam maintenance when they discovered our ASTM F3148 TNA Fastening System.  The movable gates in the lock system are steel structures designed to hold back the pressure of the water and ship as the water level is raised and lowered.  The abuse the gates take are extreme and require regular replacement of steel members.  One of the biggest issues facing the ASACE is bolt removal and replacement.  Working in a confined space air impact tools are cumbersome and pose a noise hazard.  Not to mention the potential for pinch point accidents.  With the F3148 TNA Fastening system, the TAe Series tools are non impacting, with the inner and outer socket turning in counterforce resulting in no torque transferred to the operator.  There is also no reaction arm  effectively eliminating pinch point hazards.  The greatest feature for this application is the fact that the fixed spline bolt and reverse feature on the E-Series tools allow the bolts to be installed and removed from a single side with the same tool.  No other system can offer that kind of versatility and safety.

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